Welcome to my travel blog!

For over 20 years I have been going back and forth to the Netherlands and the Caribbean island Aruba. The last 10 years I lived and worked at both places, 6 months each year. I led a beautiful and peaceful life in a small village in the Netherlands during April-September. During the winter October-March, I enjoyed the tropical season of the Caribbean.

I really like traveling so much that I have been spending all my free time exploring the world. I did this by any transportation like a plane, boat, car, bicycle and even on foot. Traveling as a big part of my life, I have been lucky enough to tick off many things on my travel bucketlist for over the past 20 years. But there’s still so many more things I want to discover! Though the majority of my dream destinations have already been fulfilled there’s always room for more on my ever expanding bucketlist!

For me traveling was not only to just relax because of work, but it was also something different. I was able to find my inner peace which has kept me still going and I could not stop without seeing all the beauty this world has to offer. Traveling can be fun, an adventure maybe but if you really know the right place, right time and the tips of an expert you can never go wrong in enjoying what you deserve.

Seeing such beautiful places, moving through the easy and difficult paths I learned a lot. I have tasted many cuisines and know about the finest, cheapest and luxurious places around the world. My bucket list not only contains the top places which are easy to find as I love to explore the world in my way. After these 20 years, I want to share my life with every traveler out there. Also if you are on just the beginning of your journey I would like to give you my tips, share my experiences and tell you about where to go.

Coming up with a name for my website was a difficult thing to do as I wanted it to be unique and something to describe my life. So, I came up with Dushi Travel as Dushi is in Papiamento language and has several meanings like sweet, nice and/or sweetheart. So, Dushi Travel means sweet traveling just like I think and feel about it.

I have a lot of memories that I would like to share with you guys. If you want to catch on more, there are pictures and blogs of mine that you can see on Instagram (@dushi_travel) or just enjoy all the reading on this website.