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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting Marrakesh to be one of my most exciting adventures to date. Marrakesh, or the ‘red city’, is Morocco’s most lively city where you would find a contrasting fusion between modern art and ancient attractions. As recommended by avid travellers, I thought of turning to the old town of Marrakesh, Medina, to fulfil my quest of addressing royalty properly.

Souk – Medina

To my delight, there is only one way of getting in terms with ancient royalty, and that’s roaming and getting lost in the bazaars or as the natives call it, the souks scattered everywhere. The souks of Marrakesh are designed like the pathways of a labyrinth, as it was quite easy to get lost once I started making my way towards the alleys.

The souks, complete with their trancing mazes are all that you need for quenching your thirst of ancient Moroccan art. From souvenirs such as jewels, pottery and ceramics, these souks are a thriving experience for people who simply wish to complete their grocery list as well. Get your vegetables, fruits, and other edible snacks as you get lost in the souk bazaar. Get yourself a map before you drown yourself in guilty-shopping along the way, as once you’re deep inside the labyrinth of desires, it’s pretty hard to navigate your way out.

Tip! For a nice lunch or just a drink go to Café Des Épices or Nomad.

Bahia Palace

A tour to the Bahia Palace is incomplete without hiring a guide because how will you possibly understand its ancient history? Bahia Palace encompasses ancient Moroccan culture and traditional values like no other place on your list.

While its entrance might take you back with its unimpressive designs, don’t hold yourself in contempt! Once you enter its gates, you’re not only gathering yourself for a mystical journey through enchanted mosaics, multi-colored tiles and stone-carved history, but also preparing yourself for viewing Moroccan Architecture at its finest! If you’re warm, head outside and bask under the Cyprus trees or venture through the jasmine-covered courtyard gardens.

Tip! Go early in the morning and enjoy the beauty without crowds.

Jardin Majorelle

For an entrance fee of 70 Dirham, you not only get to walk through the most mysterious and captivating garden of Marrakesh, but also witness the botanical sanctuary of Jardin Majorelle as well. Jardin Majorelle, or the Majorelle Garden is known far and wide for its mazes where you can get lost and not worry about it the next moment. Its botanical beauty is so luxuriant that you surely can’t miss photographing the scenic view or getting lost in the alleyways for the mere fun of it.

Tip! Have a fresh mint tea in the inside-garden of Cafè Majorelle.

El-Badi Palace

The El-Badi Palace, built from Sultan Ahmad El Mansour’s ransom money, once stood tall with opulent infrastructure and history that fell to disrepairs and deterioration in the seventeenth century. Today, the palace still stands tall, but is only interesting for historians or researchers who plan on learning more about the past of El-Badi. For travellers, soul-searchers, and adventure fanatics, the El-Badi Palace is just another ruined and desolate place.

Tip! Go early in the morning to avoid the sunshine during the day.

Saadians Tombs

The Saadians Tombs were another hallmark of my tour of the old red city of Morocco. I wasn’t going to go home without seeing where the majestic Sultans are buried! I’d heard a lot about the inscriptive details on Saadians’ tombs from avid travellers, but I can now say that I have had the opportunity to see them as well!

The Saadians Tombs are another remarkable piece of Moroccan architecture. Complete with multi-coloured tiles and breathtaking geometrical architecture including mosaics and stone-carvings, a visit to the red city is incomplete without paying your homage to the magnificent souls buried in the Saadians tombs. If you want to beat the crowd, try coming in the morning so that you can witness the serenity in all of its glory.

Tip! After visiting these Tombs you can go to Les Bains de Marrakech for a relaxing hammam.

Other interesting places


Big palm garden where you can ride Camels.

Dar Si Said

This museum has the largest collection of Berber art.

Jemaa el Fna

Big square in the city center. From here you walk into the Medina.

Koutoubia Mosque

Grab a bench and enjoy the surroundings.

Recommended accommodations

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