Jamaica Mi Krazy

Jamaica is the second largest Island in the Caribbean sea and famous of Bob Marley, coffee plantations, rum, the beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

Montego Bay

In 1494 Columbus discovered Jamaica and set foot on this part of the Island. Now it is time for you to discover this this relaxing island yourself.
In Montego Bay you can find nice accommodations and a buzzling street (Gloucester Avenue) with many bars and restaurants where you can eat the famous Jerk foods.
The clean white sand beaches with gorgeous turquoise water are the main reason that tourists come to Montego Bay. Especially Doctor’s Cave Beach is by far the most touristic beach but still worth a visit.
After a day at the beach you can have a delicious cocktail at Margaritaville.

Tip! Go for a drink to Jamaican Bobsled Cafe

Saint Ann

After Montego Bay it’s time to visit the Bob Marley Museum at Nine Miles. The ride through the mountains is gorgeous and I am still wondering how it is possible that such great man was born (and laid to rest) in such remote place.
If you are a fan of this great Jamaican reggae legend (who isn’t?), than this is a must-visit where you can find the mausoleum and see the ‘rock pillow’ in Rasta colors and many photos of his life and career.

Tip! A must do trip when visiting Jamaica!

Ocho Rios

This place used to be a small fishing village but nowadays it’s a popular touristic cruise ship destination.
For me the main attraction is the famous Dunn’s River Falls. This is often considered as the most beautiful water falls in the world. I went early morning and there were not so many tourists so I had all the time to climb upwards the falls by myself. Other places of interest are the Mystic Mountain Rainforest and the Dolphin Cove.

Tip! When you stay in Ocho Rios you can go early to this Falls to avoid big crowds.

Port Antonio & Blue Mountains

One of the great things to do is visiting the Blue Lagoon where you can make a small bamboo boat tour.
Less touristic but not less beautiful are the Reach Falls. Here you can enter some of the caves in the waterfall and dive into the really clear water to enjoy this little gem in nature.
Other interesting places to visit are the Frenchman’s Cove Beach and Boston Bay where you can eat delicious spiced Jerk chicken.

When you continue the journey to Kingston you will cross the Blue Mountains. This mountains are well-known for its coffee of course. The quality and smooth & mild taste makes this coffee to one of the best and most expensive ones in the world. When visiting these mountains make sure to stop at a coffee plantation. Also Strawberry Hill is a great recommendation for lunch or high-tea with an amazing view on Kingston Town.

Tip! Visit Alex Twyman’s Old Tavern Blue Mountain Coffee Estate.


The great Bob Marley was raised in Trenchtown, you can only visit this suburb with a local guide, because it is still too dangerous. A must visit is the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road. The museum was his former house and a lot of history can be found here. Other places of interest are the Devon House (beautiful house in colonial style) and the Devon House I-Scream where they have the best ice creams in Jamaica.

Tip! Visit also the Bob Marley statue outside the National Stadium.

Treasure Beach & Black River

  • YS Falls
    These Falls are still unspoiled unlike the Dunn’s River Falls.
  • Floyd’s Pelican Bar
    Little bar off the coast and can only be reached by boat. You can go snorkeling with stingrays or relax while having a famous rum punch.
  • Appleton Estate
  • Bamboo Avenue
    Holland Bamboo is a 4 kilometer long road with bamboo trees.  It feels if you are driving in a bamboo tunnel.

Tip! The boat tour through the wetlands is a must-do while visiting the south coast of Jamaica.


Seven Mile Beach which is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming in the blue green colored ocean.
Make sure to visit West End with the famous Rick Café for a rum punch or cold Red Stripe Beer and dance the night away on the reggae beats.

Tip! Watch the locals dive into the sea from several heights at Rick’s Cafe.

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