Alsalam ealaykum

Whether you are going backpacking, visiting on a tour or on your own budget trip, Morocco will definitely leave an impression.
From the high Atlas mountains to the desert to the coasts, Morocco is an amazing country that hits all traveller’s senses. You may love it or hate it but you’ll walk away from a better traveler because you went.

Discover Morocco


In the west of Morocco you will find the mystical city, Marrakesh, one of the royal cities.


The picturesque Berber villages and the spectacular waterfall of Ouzoud.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountain is one of North Africa’s most tranquil, untouched spots.

Places I’ve been


  • Casablanca
  • Chefchaouen
  • Fez
  • Rabat

Best travel months

Morocco can be visited year-round as long as you know the climate of its different regions so you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • From September until the end of May is the best time to visit Morocco;
  • In March and April, days are warm and peaks are snowy;
  • From June to September avoid the Sahara when temperatures are really high;
  • Late winter, Spring or early Fall are the best months to visit Marrakech.
  • Nights can be surprisingly cool in the desert and the mountains at any time of year.

Travel costs

As with most countries, how expensive your trip is going to be is entirely dependent on your preferences. Below you can find average prices for accommodation, food & drinks and some activitities.

Based on the expenses of other visitors on average prices, I believe that you can budget around €40 per day on your vacation (includes accommodation, food, transportation and fees for tourist attractions).


  • Hostel (€5-10)
  • Mid-range hotel (€40-60)
  • Riad (€50-80)
  • Luxury hotel (€150-250)

Or, you can try Airbnb; a popular choice for many travelers, including myself. Use this link to get a discount of €34 on your first trip.

Tip! Sleep in a Riad, a traditional Moroccan house, while you’re in one of the beautiful cities.

Food & Drinks

  • Simple breakfast (€2) – breakfast is usually included at your hotel or riad.
  • Meal inexpensive restaurant (€5)
  • Meal for 2 persons in mid-range restaurant (€20)
  • Pot of mint tea (€1)
  • All kind of Tajine (€6)
  • Bottle of water (€0,50)

Tip! Try several typical Moroccon dishes like Tajine, Couscous and Harira.


  • Litre of petrol (€1)
  • Desert Camp (€90) – including 1 night and sunrise camel ride.
  • Camel ride (€15-30)
  • Museum entry (€2)
  • Cooking Class (€45)
  • Luxury Hammam (€20-60)

Tip! If you have time visit all 4 the imperial cities Fes, Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes.

More tips


Take some cooking lessons to experience the Moroccan cuisine.


Drink sweet mint tea and eat tajine at a rooftop bar.


Spend your night(s) in a beautiful Riad.


Go shopping in the Medina and find great bargains.

After Morocco, where to next?