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Welcome to Aruba! A Paradise in the Caribbean for sun, sea and beach lovers!
The motto of the cheerful, friendly islanders is ‘One Happy Island’. Add to that a large number of resorts, fine restaurants and a vibrant nightlife and it will not surprise anyone that Aruba is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. With an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, a vacation to Aruba is highly recommended.

With approximately 190 square kilometers, Aruba is the smallest island of the Leeward Islands. It has an elongated shape and is 31 kilometers long and up to 8 kilometers wide. The Aruban landscape is particularly varied, with a rocky north coast, a hilly inland and the south consists mostly of limestone plateaus. An amazing appearance in the landscape are the Dividivi trees formed by the trade wind and they all point to the southwest. Almost the entire west coast consists of a series of beaches, some of them kilometers long.

These beautiful sandy beaches, but also the friendly local people are absolut the main reasons to visit Aruba.

Sun, sea and beach!

Vacation on Aruba is a dream come true for sun, sea and beach lovers. The combination of pearly white beaches and azure blue sea appeals to everyone’s imagination. Sit back and relax with your cocktail in a hammock and you don’t have to think about anything all day! The most famous beaches of Aruba are Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, both located on the west coast. Wondering how other beaches are like? See my favorite beaches on Aruba.

The southwest coast of the island is also worth a visit: it is surrounded by the most fascinating coral reefs. Check them out during a diving or snorkeling excursion! Or if you like some more action, go windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, parasailing or jet skiing.

Are you curious about where to eat during your vacation? Read my blog about some of the best restaurants in Aruba!

Discover Aruba


The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad, which is a colorful and atmospheric center that is entirely in the Caribbean style.

Arikok National Park

Within the nature park that you can best visit with a 4×4 car you will find the Natural Pool, the Fountain Cave and the small natural bridge.

Alto Vista Chapel

The current chapel dates from 1952 and was built on the spot where the Indians had built the first version of the Chapel di Alto Vista in the eighteenth century.

Bushiribana Gold Mine

First discovered in 1824, gold remained an important Aruban industry until around 1916, with the island producing more than 3 million pounds in total.

Streetart in San Nicolas

During the Aruba Art Fair, San Nicolas was transformed into one large open-air museum with colorful murals and other forms of street art.

Casibari Rock Formations

The Casibari Rock Formations is a collection of diorite boulders, situated close to the village of Paradera. Not far to the east you will also find the Ayo Rock Formations.

Looking for an unforgettable trip to Aruba? Let me know your travel wishes and I can make a customized travel proposal for you.

 Places I’ve been

  • Arashi
  • Baby Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Eagle Beach
  • Mangel halto
  • Natural Pool
  • Oranjestad
  • Rodgers Beach
  • San Nicolas
  • Santa Cruz
  • Savaneta


  • No bucketlist items

Best travel months

Aruba can be visited year-round as long as you know the climate of its different regions so you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • From January until the end of March is the best time to visit Aruba;
  • November until March, it’s high season so there will be more tourists;
  • October, November and March are ideal travel months to avoid mass crowds;
  • From the end of September, the rainy season starts slowly, but till the begin of September you can travel well.

Travel costs

As with most countries, how expensive your trip is going to be is entirely dependent on your preferences. Below you can find average prices for accommodation, food & drinks and some activitities.

Based on the expenses of other visitors on average prices, I believe that you can budget around €110 per day on your vacation (includes accommodation, food, transportation and fees for tourist attraction).


  • Boutique hotel (€50-80)
  • Mid-range hotel (€80-150)
  • Luxury hotel (€150-500)

Or, you can try Airbnb; a popular choice for many travelers, including myself. Use this link to get a discount of €34 on your first trip.

Tip! If you stay in the Renaissance hotel in Oranjestad, you are able to go to the private island and enjoy some flamingos on the beachfront.

Food & Drinks

  • Simple breakfast (€10) – breakfast is usually included at your hotel.
  • Meal inexpensive restaurant (€14)
  • Meal for 2 persons in mid-range restaurant (€70)
  • Domestic beer (€4)
  • Cappuccino (€3)
  • Bottle of water (€1,50)

Tip! Try the local Pastechi, filled with ham, cheese, tuna or beef.


  • Museum entry (€10)
  • Cooking Class (€25)
  • Tours (€40-80)

Tip! Rent a 4×4 car and drive from the California Lighthouse to Baby Beach along the North Coast on a full day trip.

More tips

North Coast

Explore the North Coast of Aruba with a jeep safari, a rental jeep, by horse riding or by quad. Best route is from north to south, starting at the California Lighthouse.


Plan your stay in Aruba during the big parade in Oranjestad. Check before booking your stay when this parade will take place.


Climb the Hooiberg and enjoy the view. This conical, more than 167 meters high hill determines the landscape of Aruba.

Natural Bridge

For decades, the natural bridge was one of the must-see attractions. This bridge collapsed on September 2 in 2005. The sight is still worth the visit.

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After Aruba, where to next?