Jamaica is the second largest island in the Caribbean Sea and offers an amazing variety of landscapes and climatic zones. Behind the capital Kingston, the Blue Mountains rise up to some 2300 meters high. These mountains are known for the coffee plantations. Swamps stretch along the south coast, while the west coast is dominated by miles of white beaches. The north coast is a series of small bays. The interior consists of a beautiful green hilly landscape with tropical rainforest.

Jamaica has succeeded in developing its own culture that is most striking for the visitors in the language, dance and cuisine. Reggae is Bob Marley and Bob Marley is Jamaica, or vice versa. A true legend not only for music history, but also for Jamaica.

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Discover Jamaica

Black River

The Black River is also the starting point for various boat trips through the mangroves. It is not recommended to swim in the Black River, as more than 500 Jamaican crocodiles live there.


At the foot of the spectacular Blue Mountains, lies the capital of this fascinating country.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay has been on the to-do list of people looking for an all-inclusive for years, but this city has a lot more to offer.


Negril, is located at the most beautiful and longest sandy beach in Jamaica, the ‘Seven Miles Beach’. Be sure to visit Ricks Cafe.

Nine Miles

A little village in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann. In Nine Mile you will find the birthplace and the grave of Bob Marley.

Ochos Rios

Ocho Rios is one of the most famous cities in the country, especially since many cruise ships arrive here. There are many activities, but the most famous are the Dunn’s River Falls.

Places I’ve been

  • Blue Mountains
  • Black River
  • Kingston
  • Montego Bay
  • Negril
  • Nine Mile
  • Ochos Rios
  • Port Antonio


  • Love to go back someday!

Best travel months

Jamaica can be visited year-round as long as you know the climate of its different regions so you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • From November until the end of April is the best time to visit Jamaica;
  • November until February, it’s high season so there will be more tourists;
  • November, December and April are ideal travel months to avoid mass crowds;
  • In May and from October through November, the rainy seasons starts, but till September you can travel well.

Travel costs

As with most countries, how expensive your trip is going to be is entirely dependent on your preferences. Below you can find average prices for accommodation, food & drinks and some activitities.

Based on the expenses of other visitors on average prices, I believe that you can budget around €100 per day on your vacation (includes accommodation, food, transportation and fees for tourist attraction).


  • Hostel (€20-40)
  • Mid-range hotel (€40-70)
  • Luxury hotel (€90-200)
  • All-inclusive hotel (€100-250)

Or, you can try Airbnb; a popular choice for many travelers, including myself. Use this link to get a discount of €34 on your first trip.

Tip! Almost all tourists stay in all-inclusive hotels along the coast, but it is much more fun to rent a car and make a roadtrip around the whole island to discover all the beautiful places.

Food & Drinks

  • Simple breakfast (€10) – breakfast is usually included at your hotel.
  • Meal inexpensive restaurant (€6)
  • Meal for 2 persons, Mid-range Restaurant (€35)
  • Jerk chicken (€7)
  • Red Stripe beer (€2)
  • Bottle of water (€1)
  • Coconut (€1)

Tip! Eat the most authentic Jerk Chicken (or Pork), just as a snack along the road or in one of the many restaurants.


  • Museum entry (€10)
  • Cooking Class (€25)
  • Tours (€40-80)

Tip! If you like to know everything about the famous Bob Marley, I can recommend to visit the museum at Hope Road in Kingston. There are 2 statues in Kingston, one close to the stadium and the other one in the museum.

More tips

Blue Mountains

The blue mountains are best known for their excellent coffee. Visit a plantation and drink a cup of coffee on the terrace with a view.


For lovers of reggae and Bob Marley it is a must-visit during a holiday in Jamaica: the Bob Marley Museum.

St. Ann

Visit the superstar’s birthplace and mausoleum, located in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, and join a guided tour with a rastafarian guide.

Treasure Beach

This village really feels like the authentic Jamaica. Near the beach you can eat delicious fresh fish.

After Jamaica, where to next?