Aruba – Best beaches on One Happy Island

Bon Bini to Aruba, also known as One Happy Island, thanks to it’s amazing beaches, rocky shorelines, beautiful bays and tropical turquoise waters. The white-sand beaches are considered as the most beautiful and clean beaches in the Caribbean. For me, the beach is an ideal way to spend my day so I will share my favorite beach spots with you:

Eagle Beach

Award-winning Eagle beach is perfect for a relaxing day under a cabana (palapa) with a few local beers. Straight from the parking lot you can enter this white sand beach. Because it’s so wide it doesn’t feel crowded at all. There are some places where you can do several watersport activities. Another great thing about this beach is that you can enjoy an amazing sunset while sitting under the famous Aruban Divi Divi tree.

Tip! Have a drink, lunch or dinner at Passions On The Beach!

Baby Beach

You can find Baby Beach in the south of the Island, close to San Nicolas. This unique beach has beautiful shallow waters and a white sand beach. The water is really calm and this makes it one of the best places for snorkeling. The coral reef is just near the opening to sea and often you can often spot turtles here.

Tip! Also visit one of my favorite spots on the island, Rodgers Beach!

Mangel Halto

A little bit off the beaten track you can find this hidden gem. Inside the mangrove forest there are little spots where you can enter the water to go snorkeling or just sit here to enjoy the surroundings. Along this coast line you have the most amazing views on the turquoise waters.

Tip! Not far from Mangel Halto you can find the ‘Zeerover’. Famous for fish dishes and local ambience.

Renaissance Island

If you are staying in the Renaissance Hotel in Oranjestad, you can enter this island for free. If you are not staying in the hotel, it is still possible to go there with an (expensive) day-pass. A short boat trip takes you to this peaceful island, where you can find some very tame and relaxed flamingos. This makes it a great experience and I can recommend anyone who is going to Aruba to spend a day at this private island.

Tip! Go early in the morning to find yourself the best sunbeds for watching the flamingos!

Palm Beach

Although you have the High Rise Hotel area on this side of the island, you can still have an amazing time on this beach. With the white-sand, calm water, many watersport activities and great beach bars like Moomba this place is worth a visit. If you are not renting a car, this side of the island is the best place for your accommodation. But I strongly advise you to rent a car so you can visit all of the beaches I mentioned above!

Tip! Eat at Iguana Cantina, watch a movie and dance the night away at one of the many bars!

Other interesting beaches

Boca Catalina

Only 10 minutes north of High rise hotels you will find this great snorkel spot.

Malmok Beach

This beach is perfect for relaxation after a good snorkel tour around the cliffs.

Mangel Halto

Beautiful hidden beach and also a great place to watch the sunset.

North Coast

There are so many beautiful hidden beaches along the North Coast.

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