Caribbean – Six authentic dishes

The six most authentic dishes to try in the Caribbean

White beaches, shallow blue seas, happy music, and the most beautiful weather are all good reasons to visit the Caribbean Islands, but food is why you never want to leave. People eat natural, flavorful food here, and recipes go back for centuries.

Each of the 7000 islands in the Caribbean Sea has a history, a rich culture you can very well appreciate through their food.

From fresh seafood to comfort stews, these are the six most authentic dishes around the Caribbean Islands; don’t forget to add them to your bucket list!

Mofongo, plantains on another level

Puerto Rico has this unusual plantain puree that instantly reminds you you’re in the Caribbean. Seasoned with butter, plantains are mashed and incorporated with bacon bits. Sweet and salty, this dish might confuse your taste buds, but you won’t be able to put down your spoon.

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Jerk chicken, Jamaica’s most reliable ambassador

Jamaica is famous for reggae music and peaceful people, and their most popular dish is not far behind. A traditional spice mix of scotch bonnet and allspice is used to rub the chicken meat before being char-grilled. The result is a spicy, juicy, and very flavorful dish that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the day.

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Vaca frita, simple is beautiful

A Cuban meal will always come with beans and rice, and the main dish can be equally simple. This doesn’t mean that the flavors won’t blow your mind. Vaca frita, made with shredded beef and seasoned with orange juice, herbs, garlic, onion, and spices, is a hearty, warm salad, incredibly fresh and suitable for the warm Caribbean weather.

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Conch Fritters, a crunchy treat

A pink, gigantic seashell called conch protects a delicate, almost sweet meat that reminds us of scallops. Imagine frying this delicious meat in a homemade batter; now imagine something better, we’re guessing you can’t! Fried finger food with all the taste of the Bahamas.

Tip! Don’t forget the spicy dipping sauce!

Sancocho, the seven-meat stew

People in the Dominican Republic eat lots of seafood and fresh fruit; after all, they’re a paradisiac island. Meat, on the other hand, is the subject of celebration.

A hearty stew with veggies, rice, and sometimes seven different types of meat is a pure delight. Goat meat, beef, pork, ribs, chicken, sausage, and guinea hen, they’re all welcome in this intense broth.

Tip! Warm and comforting meal for cold days!

Soup joumou, a pumpkin hot pot

Haitians have this soup on a pedestal; it’s a symbol of the countries well-earned freedom and independence. A pumpkin-based cream serves as the base for cooking vegetables and meat, always served with a side of white bread. This dish has a history, and it’s quite an honor to enjoy it.

Tip! Traditionally served on New Year’s Day, as a historical tribute to Haitian independence in 1804.

Caribbean islands are awaiting

Now you know it, the Caribbean islands are waiting for you with fantastic food, colorful drinks, and warm, friendly islanders. Make it happen, visit the Caribbean for the holidays and eat your way through a tasty journey, one island at a time.

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